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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving

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Peppertree Apartments in downtown San Jose, CA, feature luxurious one and two-bedroom apartments. Featured amenities include patios, balconies, granite countertops, and access to on-site amenities. 

This season, Peppertree Apartments guides residents in preparing for entertaining guests. Follow these tips for getting your apartment ready for Thanksgiving through the rest of the holidays.

Prepare a Guest List

Make Thanksgiving dinner planning a breeze by making a list of all friends, family members, neighbors, and guests that will come to dinner. Be sure to count everyone that has RSVP'd. And ensure you have enough meals and activities planned After you get a solid headcount, double the amount of food to ensure there will be enough to go around. Once you have your guest list ready, you can begin grocery shopping and cleaning your apartment!

Menu Plan and Organization

Menu planning involves deciding what Thanksgiving foods you want to cook and setting aside the time to cook each dish according to timed recipes.

Menu planning is essential when cooking in an apartment kitchen to account for space. Structuring apartment kitchens for cooking is an integral part of the organization process. Decide where you will house extra dishes, pots, pans, and guests.

Table setting and apartment decor are also vital parts of the planning process. Upgrade your apartment home for Thanksgiving by adding themed table settings and silverware.

These themed Plymouth Gate Dinner Plates by Williams-Sonoma are sure to impress and delight your guests.

Holiday Game Ideas

Incorporating holiday games into your Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to bond with friends and family during the holidays. Looking for fun holiday game ideas for Thanksgiving? Playing fun games like "Thanksgiving Bingo" or having a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt can create lasting and happy memories for you and your family.

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